Joshua’s story

 My son, Josh, is a MACS child. We as a family are very grateful for the support MACS gave us in the early years and the ongoing support throughout his formative years .

Josh's first day at school was an anxious time for us a family and wasn't helped by the teacher taking me aside and requesting I provided an eye patch so as not to scare the other children in class. I was shocked and hurt and very upset. Myself and Josh's dad took this up with the school head and received an apology, however, I still think about it to this day.

I often rang Maggie at MACS for support at these difficult times and I'm eternally grateful to her and MACS over the years.

Our son enjoyed school and worked hard to gain top marks in all subjects, needless to say we were very proud and encouraged his studies. He gained a place at Newcastle University to study Economics and Politics. He worked hard, often spending up to 10 hours in the university library, and the hard work paid off - he achieved a 2:1 degree. Josh recently moved to London and now works as a Economist for the Treasury in Whitehall.

Well, MACS mums and dads keep encouraging your children to achieve their goals, they really are special and so are you!

The photo shown here is of Joshua on his Graduation Day.