MACS Achievement Awards 2017

At MACS we think it is important to recognise when people do well. Being blind or visually impaired doesn't mean that you can't achieve positive things in life and we like to share our members' successes, however large or small.

At the MACS Family Weekend we announced our winners and nominees and they have all now received certificates such as the one pictured.

In the category of MACS child aged 0-6 years, we had five fantastic nominees. The winner was a little girl who had overcome her shyness to sing in front of hundreds of people. Her mum thought her bravery was worth an achievement award and we agreed!

In the category of MACS child aged 7-12 years, we had nine nominees all of whom had achieved great things this year. Our winner was someone who needed to have a lot of operations this year and who managed to stay positive and smiling throughout. Her mum was impressed by her determination to work through everything that comes her way and so were we!

In the category of MACS person aged 13+, we had 2 brilliant nominees. The winner was a lady who had taken part in a white-collar boxing match and despite her visual impairment did amazingly well with her training and in the match. She also raised £200 for a local children’s hospice in the process. Her partner thought that she deserved recognition for her hard work and we thought so too.

In the category of MACS sibling, we had 3 nominees all of whom were wonderful a help to their siblings and parents. Our winner was someone who helps her mum care for her younger sister whenever she was needed. She spreads awareness by telling people about her sister’s MACS conditions and always puts her sister’s needs first. Yet somehow she still finds time to do her homework and spend time with her friends – we think that’s an amazing achievement.

Congratulations to all our MACS nominees and winners, you all deserve to feel very proud of yourselves.