Annual Report & Accounts

Image shows a MACS member with their guide dog

Our Strategy

In 2015, MACS changed its structure from an unincorporated registered charity to Charitable Incorporate Organisation (CIO). As such, our Board has developed a new strategy, the headline details of which you can see below.

MACS’ Vision 

Our vision is of a world where all people affected by MACS conditions enjoy the same opportunities as everyone else.

MACS’ Mission

Our mission is to become the leading authority on MACS conditions and to provide comfort and support to people impacted by them.  

MACS’ Values

The core values of the MACS community are:

  • Offering acceptance and inspiring trust
  • Giving support
  • Providing opportunity.

MACS’ Strategic Objectives for 2016-18 are:

1: To provide information and awareness

2: To offer comfort and support

3: To diversify income streams

4: To improve the composition of our Board.

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The January 2014-June 2015 accounts are extended 18 month accounts, taking us to the point our changeover to a CIO. The accounts for June 2015 to December 2015 were our first accounts since becoming a CIO.