MACS Family Day 

Join us for a day full of information, support, creative activities, and fun!

Welcome to the autumn edition of MACS Family Day



Family Day November 2020

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MACS Zoom Meetings
Dr Sri Gore - prosthetics session

The sessions are grouped into six themes: Information, Clinical, Research, Support, Technology and Entertainment.


  • MACS Update - Hear from the Liz and the trustees about the impact Covid has had on the charity, what we’ve been doing for members since the last family day and our plans for 2021.


  • Prosthetics - Ophthalmologist and Prosthetics Consultant Dr Sri Gore will be joining us for a question and answer session on prosthetics. If you have any questions on prosthetics that you would like Sri to answer, please let us know ahead of the day by completing this short form or posting your question on the MACS Facebook Family Support page.
  • Gene.Vision - Dr Alex Yong will be introducing the new fully accessible website Gene.Vision. This is an A-Z on genetic eye disorders, including information on MAC conditions, with the appropriate management pathways and latest research.


In addition to our usual round up of the latest research into MACS conditions we also have information on two research projects who are recruiting participants for their studies.

  • The first is from inspirational MACS Member Kirsty Hill whose PhD study is looking at the psychological impact of visual impairment on families.  Before talking about her PhD Kirsty will talk about her experiences of growing up with a MACS condition.
  • The second is a study investigating the association between sight impairment, sleep, health, and wellbeing. The study aims to improve treatment pathways and provide informed feedback to the Visually Impaired community about improving sleep and circadian rhythms.


  • New Members – Members who have joined MACS over the last 12 months are invited to join us to find out more about MACS and how we can support you. As well as meeting other families at the start of their MACS journey, you will also have the opportunity to talk to MACS families with older children who can offer practical advice and support.
  • Guide Dogs - Wendy Sainsbury is hosting a session to talk about how animals can help increase independence and quality of life for people with various medical conditions.


Alan Davis and Lucy Begley from Humanware will be attending the Family Day to provide an update on technology for blind and visually impaired people.  They will focus on two specific technologies

  • Code Jumper  - a revolutionary tool that provides an engaging way to allow blind and visually impaired students to learn computer programming from an early age.  Parents of young school aged children with MACS conditions are particularly encouraged to attend this session.
  • Brailler technology – Alan & Lucy will go through recent developments in Brailler technology, and let you know about Humanware’s loan system which allows you to try out new equipment before buying.


  • Music and Performance - We are delighted to join forces with UCAN Productions, who will be hosting this fully accessible and interactive session.  UCAN are a performance and creative arts co-operative for blind and visually impaired young people and their siblings.  Members who are interested in joining this session must register here.  You can find out more about UCAN Productions on their website.
  • Magic Matt - join us for a wonderful magic show.
  • MACS Has Got Talent - our favourite talent competition returns! Make sure to register here beforehand.

Timetable for the day

09:30 MACS UPDATE 45-60mins
Psychological impact of VI
12:15 MAGIC MATT 30mins
13:00 Welcome to NEW MEMBERS 1hr
13:00 UCAN 45-60mins
14:00 PROSTHETICS 1 hr
15:15 GENE. VISION 30mins
Brailler Technology
Code breaker
17:00 GUIDE DOGS 30-45mins
18:00 MACS HAS TALENT 2hrs
20:00 QUIZ 2hrs

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We look forward to seeing you there!

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