MACS Awareness Week 2020

6 - 12 July 2020


Join us for a week of activities raising awareness of Microphthalmia, Anophthalmia and Coloboma. Including: informative content, inspiring stories and interviews.

MACS Awareness Week 2020

Coming up


An introduction to the week by MACS Chair, Robbie Crow.

Learn all about the three MACS conditions and how MACS helps families affected by them.

Meet an inspiring young person, Ryan, and find out how he overcame barriers to compete at the Special Olympics.


Focus on Microphthalmia

Meet Pearl and her carer Ruth, who tell us all about Pearl's favourite MACS activity - the sailing adventures, and how they have helped her increase her confidence and independence.

We also meet Ellie and her parents who share their story.


Focus on Anophthalmia

We meet Ted and his family who tell us about bilateral anophthalmia.

We also meet Amy, who tells us about her condition and tells us about her favourite MACS activities.


Focus on Coloboma

We meet Connor, who tells us how his condition has opened my eyes (metaphorically speaking!) to a different path that has bought him so much joy and new experiences he never even thought possible.

We also meet Ollie and mum Coral, who share tell us how MACS provided them with a support network over the years.


Focus on MACS Adults

Weet John and Megan who share their experiences and tell us how they wish they had found MACS sooner.


Focus on siblings 

We hear from Caitlin and Emma who share their experiences from a perspective of a sibling.

Also on Saturday, tune in at 12:30 for a live stream of a Magic Show Saturday as well as the Virtual Quiz Night! Please see the text boxes below for joining links.


Focus on parents

Learning that your newborn baby has a MACS condition is a difficult time. MACS is here to support the parents on every step of their journey.

A mum and daughter duo, Kelly and Zara, who both have Microphthalmia, share their story.

MACS young person Elijah and dad Tony tell us how a MACS activity has helped them to strengthen their relationship.


Coming up on Monday - Ryan tells us how he overcame barriers to compete at Special Olympics

Magic Matt Show - Saturday 12:30

On Saturday at 12:30 tune in to the MACS Facebook Page for a live stream of the fantastic Magic Matt show. This may appeal most to our younger viewers, but parents are invited, too! Saturday is our 'Siblings Day' so make sure to grab the entire family for a great show of interactive magic tricks.

Magic Matt show


MACS Quiz Night - Saturday 19:30

MACS Quiz logoSaturday evening will see us host a Virtual Quiz Night! Throughout the lockdown period, MACS has been holding a weekly quiz for our members, and this time, we are extending the invitation to MACS supporters, our fantastic fundraisers, and anyone interested in MACS and our Awareness Week. We can't wait to spend the evening with you and show you what a great bunch we are! Please share the link with your friends - everyone's welcome! It will be an inclusive quiz with no picture rounds or any visual questions. The event will be hosted on Zoom and you can get your ticket here.


Meet some of our superstars!

On Tuesday, Pearl tells us about her sailing adventure

On Wednesday, we meet Ted and his family who tell us about Ted's condition - bilateral anophthalmia

On Friday, MACS Adults, John and Megan share their stories and tell us how they wished they had found MACS earlier

On Sunday, mum and daughter duo Kelly and Zara share their story

On Tuesday, Ellie and her parents share their story

On Thursday, Ollie and mum Coral tell us how MACS has provided them with a support network throughout their journey

On Friday, MACS Adults, John and Megan share their stories and tell us how they wished they had found MACS earlier

On Wednesday, Amy tells us about her favourite MACS activities

On Thursday, Connor tells us how coloboma has paved his path to becoming a skydiver

Elijah and family

On Sunday, dad and son duo Tony and Elijah tell us how MACS helped them strengthen their relationship

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This year, MACS wants to raise £1,000 during the Awareness Week.
You can help us achieve that by taking part in Mini MACS Goes on Tour photo challenge. Donate towards our campaign and you will receive a free cuddly Mini MACS mascot, which you can take on tour around your home or garden.


Take part in a Virtual Balloon Race for MACS!

Decorate your balloon and launch it to race in a worldwide balloon race!

Your balloon can get anywhere in the world while being environmentally friendly and not harming wildlife.

Balloons are a part of the MACS logo and what better time for a balloon race than the MACS Awareness Week!

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Boy with anophthalmia