Research into MACS conditions

Image shows Professor Nicola Ragge

MACS conditions are likely to be caused by a disruption in the way the eye develops in the baby during early pregnancy.  This can be due to an alteration in an important gene for eye development, environmental factors - such as drugs or infection in pregnancy - or a combination of the these things. However, while some families have been given a genetic diagnosis, others are no closer to knowing why their child has been affected by MACS and its related conditions.

MACS is supporting the work of specialist eye consultant and geneticist Professor Nicola Ragge, who has been responsible for the discovery of many genes linked to Microphthalmia, Anophthalmia and Coloboma. We are contributing towards the costs of a part-time Family Co-ordinator based at Oxford Brookes University who is responsible for recruiting and liaising with families involved in the research and keeping them up to date on progress and findings in relation to their specific cases.

For more information and to find out how to get involved, please contact Dorine Bax at or on 01865 484413.

Image shows research team