Our new adventure trip video is here!

We are delighted that we have been able to produce a video about our adventure trips this year. We think the video shows how just important these events are to our members - and how much fun they are too! Please click below to see for yourselves.

MACS Adventure Trips

Just seeing her do things that I never in my wildest dreams thought possible. Just seeing her confidence with others was amazing, she seems to feel more comfortable being herself when she is at MACS events, unlike when she’s at school or out in the community.
Parent of a MACS child, 2017

This year, 32 MACS children took part in our Caldecotte adventure breaks. We ran a five day trip for children aged ten and over and a long weekend for children aged between five and ten who attended with a carer.

The older children all took part in activities such as canoeing, climbing, zorbing, fencing, crate stacking and archery.

These activity breaks are one of the best things MACS has to offer, it is an opportunity for the children to be with others just like them and not feel isolated.
Parent of a MACS older child

When we asked our young people about the trip, all of them told us they felt proud of something they had done and that they had tried something for the first time on the trip.

I enjoyed the sailing, especially when I stopped the boat from tipping over in the windy conditions.
MACS young person, 2017

The younger children all did activities such as archery, sailing and climbing. We asked the parents of these children about the trip and they all said they would recommend the trip to other families. 75% of them said their child found it easier to make new friends having been on the trip and 87% said they had made or strengthened friendships during the trip.

She loved the sports activities, but most of all she enjoyed meeting another girl of her age with the same condition, and how they played and chatted and helped each other. They got on so well.
Parent of younger MACS child, 2017